Nichmon Anantatanarat



The pen makes my handwriting look more neat and cute.

Q.Which Stylo series pen do you use?
Stylo sketch pen
Q.How did you find the Stylo/Tradio pen?
I started using it because my friend and I went to a stationery store and she saw this pen with a really good nib and thought that I must try it since I always try something new.
Q.When do you like to use the Stylo/Tradio pen?
I like to use it when I work for bullet Journal.
Q.Do you have any specific ways that you use the Stylo/Tradio pen?
Not much. I just wipe some ink around the nib and cap, and not store them upside down.

Q.Is there anyone who uses this pen around you?
Two of my friends use brush pens to practice calligraphy. The others use regular pens.
Q.When have you enjoyed using your Stylo/Tradio pen?
I really like how its ink flows. It makes my handwriting look more neat and cute. Even if I use black ink, it's look like a gradient effect when I write.
Q.What would you like to say to the Stylo/Tradio to celebrate their 40th anniversary this year?
Congratulations! Pentel has so many good products! This one too!

Nichmon Anantatanarat