Vincenzo Puglia



I don't know of any similar writing or drawing instruments.

Q.Which Stylo series pen do you use?
Stylo sketch pen
Q.How did you find the Stylo/Tradio pen?
It was a gift from my comics professor.
Q.When do you like to use the Stylo/Tradio pen?
I usually use it in the first step of a comic project.

Q.Do you know of any writing instruments similar to the Stylo/Tradio pen?
No, I don't know any similar instruments. This pen is unique.
Q.When have you enjoyed using your Stylo/Tradio pen?
I love the lines that you can obtain with this pen and the flow.
Q.What would you like to say to the Stylo/Tradio to celebrate their 40th anniversary this year?
Congratulations, I love the job that you have done with this incredible pen.

Vincenzo Puglia