Cynthia Barlow Marrs



Tradio helped me to develop as a sketch artist.

Q.Which Stylo series pen do you use?
Tradio stylo sketch pen
Q.When do you like to use the Stylo/Tradio pen?
I carry it when I need a minimalist sketching kit. The Tradio plus a waterbrush like the Pentel Aquash are all I need to make a wide range of marks.
Q.Do you have any specific ways that you use the Stylo/Tradio pen?
I like the fact that I can use the tip for fine lines and the side for broader marks.

Q.Is there anyone who uses this pen around you?
People who have seen my Tradio sketches on social media have tried the pen. When I’m with other sketchers sometimes people ask me about my pen. They are intrigued that with just the Tradio and a waterbrush they can make line drawings and watercolour-style drawings.
Q.When have you enjoyed using your Stylo/Tradio pen?
In 2015 I wanted to train myself to do two things: to carry a sketchbook with me every day and draw in it, and to develop a more tonal watercolour style of sketching instead of just using line. I realised that I would never develop the sketchbook habit unless I had a minimal kit that was easy to slip into a small bag. I discovered an A6 sketchbook by Seawhite of Brighton with multi-media paper that worked perfectly with the Tradio pen and my Aquash waterbrush, and I knew I could carry just these three small items with me anywhere. I also discovered that with the dye-based ink in the Tradio pen, I could make lines and marks on paper and then touch them with the waterbrush to create a watercolour style drawing with a full range of tones from dark to light. The Tradio was an important tool in my development as a sketcher.
Q.What would you like to say to the Stylo/Tradio to celebrate their 40th anniversary this year?
I first held a Tradio pen four years ago — it helped me to improve my sketching style, and has been an important part of my sketching kit ever since. Onward and upward!

Cynthia Barlow Marrs